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At Dreamweaver, we believe that in order to truly impact human empowerment, one must take a comprehensive approach to:








•Societal factors





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Dreamweaver seeks to promote and raise the awareness about the Maasai culture and heritage both nationally and internationally. Using this approach, our initiatives are grouped into three areas of focus:





•Health Care

•Compassion Care





In Kenya the Maasai people are still affected by negative stereotypes and discrimination that strains their ability to participate in mainstream society. They are often below the poverty level and are left without any source of assistance domestically. Our goal is to educate the public about the Maasai culture, their history and current socio-economic challenges. To promote transformation within the culture, Dreamweaver works with students from nursery age through college.


Health care in the Kimana Rift Valley is seriously hampered by resource and appropriate personnel to address the needs of the people. Population is afflicted by serious life threatening disease including HIV. In addition, there are limited resources for pre-natal care, manual therapy, medications, and treatment of infectious disease. Lack of adequate water and sanitary conditions often contribute to substantial illness within communities. Dreamweaver provides bush medical clinics and will further offer one of the most advance hospital facilities in the region. Thousands of local people will benefit from the care provided by Mount Kilimanjaro Hospital.


Humanitarian efforts focus on building infrastructure within communities, offering educational tools, sports equipment, training, and economic enrichment to families and children.


Visit our map to see the area's we are making an impact on.




Kenyan Photo Journal - Enjoy the Enchantment of Kenya, East Africa

All pictures courtesy of Beret Meyers

Beret Meyers is a professional photographer with experience photographing the remarkable landscapes around the world. Beret has an intuitive and unique way of seeing the images and capturing pictures that take your breath away. Beret is currently working on a documentary for Dreamweaver and is available for professional consultation through her website.  http://www.beretmeyersphotography.com/

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