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Kimana Christian Academy (KCA)


Vision Statement


Our vision for the future of our children is to provide the foundation to launch children in our village and surrounding areas to have success in life.  Striving to teach excellence, strong moral character, and core values of leadership to our children, we envision an Africa that becomes elevated out of poverty and into global economic prosperity.


Mission Statement


Our mission is to help our children become confident, self-assured, and creative builders of their future.  We focus on the whole child and provide an integrated curriculum to reach across all disciplines for all age levels.  We meet academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, and willingness to solve problems.  Our success is measured by our excellence and atmosphere of cooperation.  We appreciate our differences and seek to learn from one another understanding our diversity makes us stronger.


Our Aim


1.  Provide safe, caring, loving environment that promotes core Christian values to help our children become responsible members of society


2.  Become the leader and most recognized school excellence and leadership in East Africa


3.  Develop teachers and educators as the leaders in education in East Africa


4.  To become the primary school choice for families in the local community


5.  To inspire and achieve consistent progress in our children in all areas of personal growth


Core Values


1.  Promotion of Christian values in our children, especially respect and love for one another


2.  Providing our children and educators with a fun, beautiful, and inspirational facility


3.  Celebration of diversity in Kenya and global society


4.   Leading by example to be trustworthy and caring for others over self


5.  Working with others to help improve the life circumstances of all people in our community



Contact Information


Email:  ktaylor7738@gmail.com




Children at Kimana Christian Academy are provided with special attention and given the opportunity to succeed.  Our young children’s programs offer children a head start to learn English, math, science, and interpersonal skill development.  Studies have shown when children are provided with educational opportunity early in their lives, they have stronger professional opportunities and are happier.

At Kimana Christian Academy (KCA) children are given the opportunity to interact and learn from a plethora or leaders from international locations.  As a project of Dreamweaver International (International NGO), KCA is afforded access to resources and educational leadership skill building that helps children become leaders of strength and character.  In this picture, Dr. Angela Zolper, a Dreamweaver team leader, is teaching the children yoga exercises along with stretching their creativity.

Kimana Christian Academy offices are located just outside the downtown area of Kimana on the way to E-mail.  Kimana Christian Academy and the Kimana School of Leadership are both projects of Dreamweaver International and are focused on building the strength of community from the inside to identify and grow leaders who can help sustain communities toward abundance and poverty alleviation.

Kimana Christian Academy classrooms are clean, bright, and encourage learning and creativity. Children are nurtured and cared for with love and attention to their emotional and intellectual needs.  Every student is viewed as important and valued.  Since opening in January 2016, KCA is one of the fastest growing primary school programs in the Kimana Rift Valley.







From Kimana             1,000          3,000




From Isinet                1,000          3,000

From Imbirikani         1,500          4,500


* Primary Mathematics

* Primary English

* Primary Science

* Kiswahili Mufti

* Social Studies Our Lives Today

Uniform Requirements




Black trouser

Yellow shirt

Gray pullover

Black leather shoes

Gray socks with yellow and black

Track suit with yellow and black stripes

Black t-shirt



Yellow shirt

Yellow dress with black stripes

Gray pullover

Black leather shoes

Gray socks with yellow and black stripes

Track suit with yellow and black stripes

Black t-shirt

*Uniforms can be ordered through the school office.  All fees for uniforms must be paid in full at time of order.  Uniform delivery takes 1-2 weeks.


Uniform costs  (1750-2000 shillings)

*Note fees may vary from fees posted on our website.

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