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Tablet Computers in the Classroom

In 2012, Dreamweaver was the first charity to introduce tablet computer learning in the Kimana Rift Valley. In this remote area situated near Mount Kilimanjaro and four hours outside of the capital city of Nairobi, there are very few educational resources available. Funding is meager for teachers, school supplies, books, and other necessary materials students require for a proper advanced education. The tablet computer represents a bridge to the outside world of knowledge that the African child has never before been able to touch. The look in a child's eyes as he sees the images and beautifully displayed graphics is unforgettable. Books, arts, music, mathematics, science, English, language, grammar, history, and vast array of knowledge are now accessible through the tablet computer.


Throughout 2013 and 2014, Dreamweaver will be seeking corporate sponsors and private donors to fund purchase of tablet computers for the classroom. The pilot project will bring one tablet computer for every three students in the classroom. Teachers will be provided with training to learn how to use the tablet computers. Tablet learning will be included as part of the daily curriculum for 2-3 hours daily while touching on the various lesson plans. With a supply of ten to fifteen tablets, 3-5 schools in the Kimana area will be able to access this educational resource and up to 150 children will be affected in untold powerful ways with the knowledge now available. Specific educational metrics will be measured before, during and after the program to gain an understanding of how effective the learning programs are tailored for the needs of the students. As the program grows, the tablet learning education will expand to other schools and can serve as a model for hundreds of schools in and around Central and East Africa.


Current funding required to fully implement the first stage of this program will be $3,000.00. Donors and sponsors may contact our Board for more information on how they can become involved.



Computer and IT Skills

At Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Development, students have shown excitement and desire to learn how to utilize a computer to advance knowledge and business acumen. Utilizing the computer lab and the classes on platform basics, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and business software, students are gaining a perspective previously unknown. Many of the students have had little or no formal experience with computers but are learning the basics of typing, formatting letters, and creating spreadsheets for business. Working with the business department, the computer IT instructors tailor programs that enhance the knowledge necessary to run successful business and use the computer in this work. Student enrollment is growing at a 50% increase in the past year and expansion and new computer purchases have been required to keep up with the growth.

Business and Leadership Skills

Perhaps at no time in recent history of Africa has there been an opportunity like the present to advance the knowledge of so many hopeful Africans. The role business knowledge plays in forming the basis of all economic growth and transformation is vital and will be the ingredient that transforms the economy of the nation. Hundreds of years of economic suppressive systems and poor knowledge by millions of Africans have stifled the economic futures of the nation. However, this is changing and Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Development is at the forefront of this economic revolution. Students are learning skills in manufacture, product creation, marketing, accounting, capital procurement and investment, sales, employee relations, and leadership. Many students have never known the thrill to own a business and the immense economic possibility this can present for shifting their future. Organizations, which continue to address the economic needs of business development within Africa, will recognize some of the most positive results from their ongoing efforts.

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