Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies


The mission of Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies is education of the promising students, preparing them for a lifetime of responsible leadership.

Core Values

Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies expects academic excellence, encourage independence in thought, and cultural collaboration.

History of Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies

Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies was founded in 1997. Originally known as Bible School International, the college was started by two dynamic and committed missionaries, Kenneth and Sandy Taylor. Striving to impact the culture and bring vital change to the region, the Taylors worked tirelessly to build, organize, and establish the College in the Kimana Rift Valley. Since the inception, countless pastors have gained knowledge and skill to assist their local provinces in compassionate service.


As the College evolved it became apparent, there was a necessary broadening of the curriculum necessary to impact the local needs in more profound ways. Educating the Maasai in contemporary skills of business, computer skills, early childhood education, and seminary training expanded the reach the college facilitated. Through collective teamwork and building the very foundation for leadership in service, Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies now possessed the integrative abilities to create lasting change and growth.


Students who attend the college are featured as the hope for tomorrow's Kenya. They are recognized as the leaders who will understand the methods, opportunities, and necessary skills to transform Kenya. Diversity is celebrated and enhances the quality of the educational experience. Lasting bonds of teamwork and collegiality are instilled between fellow students and professors. Responsible behavior and acting with a conduct of high moral standard are tenets students learn and practice on their path to success.


Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies is fully accredited by the Department of Education in Kenya. Passing the rigorous standards required by the Department, the College represents one of the unique opportunities in the Rift Valley to access an accredited education that will be recognized and bring lasting value.


Classrooms are professionally appointed and conducive to remarkable learning and growth for our students.

The Campus

Located in the beautiful Kimana Rift Valley at the footstep of Mount Kilimanjaro, one cannot imagine a more idyllic destination for transforming a mind. Covering ten acres of heavenly created and maintained gardens, the campus of Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies is an iconic oasis in the Serengeti plains of the regions. From the moment one enters the Campus grounds, a deep sense of calling to grow the mind and lead with conviction is felt.


Students are celebrated and have access to state of the art classrooms with full power features, a computer lab with the latest technology, and available dormitory and washroom facility that sets high standards for cleanliness and care. Further support for student excellence can be found in the library and it's extensive resources made available to students.


Class size is maintained in manageable numbers to facilitate significant one to one educational experience for each student. Professors are among the brightest and most skilled in their approach to care and learning for the students of the College.


Fees for the college are competitive and costs are examined closely to maintain high standards while also keeping the College affordable for students. Class sessions can include dormitory services and meals with additional nominal cost. Students may also visit daily for classes and reside off campus in their own housing arrangements. There are numerous housing opportunities off campus in nearby Kimana.


Students at KSLPS have access to advanced technology and computer training. Hands on instruction is provided.

Student dorms are comfortable and kept clean and orderly. Students enjoy company and time with one another in the dorms and on the beautiful grounds of the campus.

Students are provided with excellent teachers and frequent guest speakers from the United States and other visiting countries.

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