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Colin Gives Hope to Children in Kenya



Colin is a typical 11 year old boy who loves baseball, soccer, and just about any sport that involves a ball.  When his father, John, contacted executive director Dr. Warren Bruhl and said his son would like to help children around the world, Gear for Goals was thrilled.  Colin then went into action asking all his friends to bring sports donations for his 11th birthday party celebration instead of gifts for him.  Then, he purchased G4G soccer balls and baseballs for children in Kenya.  Dr. Bruhl suggested Colin write a personal note on the balls and send along a letter so the children receiving Colin's gift would know how much he cared about them and their success.

After receiving their soccer balls and baseballs, the recipients wrote personal notes of thanks to Colin and asked blessings for his family and for others who want to play soccer and baseball but don't have access to the equipment or the coaching.  Colin's soccer ball donations and baseballs helped over 40 children in Kenya.  Combining this with the other sports items donated at his birthday party, over 1000 children in Kenya were helped by Colin's efforts.  Gear for Goals applauds Colin's efforts.


To learn how you can create your own gear drive or purchase G4G balls contact Dr. Bruhl at

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