Wavers & Beggars is a call to examine our role in helping our neighbor next door and 10,000 miles away. Each of us has an inner waver and a beggar inside ourselves. Recognizing our similarities to even the poorest beggar is the beginning to transform our lives and the planet.

Written by Dreamweaver directors, Dr. Warren Bruhl and Mr. Todd Love Ball, Jr.

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Listen to Wavers & Beggars - Agents of Social Change


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Hosted by: Dr. Warren Bruhl, Executive Director Dreamweaver & author of Wavers & Beggars - New Insight and Hope to End Poverty and Global Challenges


Description: Wavers & Beggars podcast features interviews with the everyday guy or gal who has said, “enough is enough, I am going to do something to change the world!”  It doesn’t take a special person to impact the planet, it just takes a special desire to want to serve and help people.





                       An Agent of Social Change sees the beauty in the world and makes it better.


                                                                                             Dr. Warren Bruhl

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